Tuesday, July 26, 2011

2011 China Lab - Adaptive Reuse of Hubei Village, Shenzhen, China

A case is made for the economic and cultural viability of the only remaining historic fabric within the urban juggernaut of Shenzhen, China. The human-scaled alleyways of Hubei Village are preserved and intensified into a three-dimensional meandering experience, which offers a unique prototype for expanding the vibrancy of the existing informal market.  This model sharply contrasts with the typical mega-block shopping mall typology, while still offering a mechanism for expanding the restrictive footprint of the cottages, which would otherwise prove impractical for most store-front needs.  An additional layer of residential life can symbiotically exist on the upper levels of these structures and through a percentage of the cottages which remain entirely residential. This compromise allows for necessary upgrades in sanitation and infrastructure without total annihilation of the unique material and formal qualities of the historic village.