Wednesday, December 1, 2010

F'11 Joint Architecture/Preservation Studio - Atelier Deir Ghassaneh, West Bank, Palestine

A modular scaffolding and dormitory system is introduced to vastly expand the capacity of the non-government preservation organization RIWAQ's Conservation Workshops. The system is designed to adapt to the unique spatial conditions of the 24 historic Throne Villages located throughout the West Bank, to facilitate an ongoing international exchange program for architecture students as they collaborate with local craftsmen to survey, design and construct a network of specialized universities throughout the burgeoning new nation.

Conceptual programming realized in one iteration of the deployed system.  
Assuming a conservation workshop of 20 students, with an alternative 90 minute round-trip journey from lodging in Ramallah, introducing this on-site scaffolding/dormitory intervention would make available an additional 150 man-hours per week - resulting in an exponentially more productive conservation workshop over the duration of the village's restoration.

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